EP2: Sharing Your Gifts

Listen in as Candice shares what happens when things don’t feel right or go as planned. Do we push through or let it go? How do we decide what steps to take to overcome life’s obstacles.


Are you ready to tap in to your power within so that your business can reach its truest potential?

Hi, I’m Candice Hozza, and I help business entrepreneurs access their inner GPS so that their business can grow and thrive. You are here to serve and to create an impact in this world. Welcome to the Intuitive Business podcast.

Hey, welcome back. This is Candy. And I want to tell you a little bit about my intention for this episode. If you’re a business owner, and something’s happening in your business that you feel like you’re forcing things, I want to talk a little bit about my own journey of forcing things way beyond a healthy measure.

I had worked at a university for 33 years. And I absolutely loved working with students. The administration side was a lot more interesting, and I was having a bit of a struggle. After my 33 year career, something didn’t feel right. I had a new boss that didn’t feel right. I had a new mission at the university, and it just wasn’t working for me. And I started to get confused. And then I felt stuck. And then I start getting sick.

I had a series of just silly little things and a lot of tests, and I did end up with a surgery, though it was a fairly minor surgery. I stayed away from the university for the allotted time, but I felt like there was a decision to make. I felt it in my soul. My intuitive self and my spirits and guides were saying, Candy, you need to step in to use your intuition. But I didn’t know how. I didn’t know if it was going to be with business. I thought it was going to be with relationships. But I didn’t know quite what to do. So guess what I did? I stayed, and I stayed.

So I came back to work on August 25th, and on August 26th, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was thyroid cancer, and they tell you it’s the best. So I was grateful that I had the best type of cancer, but I needed surgery. The university was very frustrated with me because I had had a series of illnesses and a surgery, but I thought, I’ve been here 33 years, and I never took off just randomly or needlessly. But because of the pressure, guess what I did? I stayed working with cancer inside my body. And I did that until January. And then I knew I needed to get serious.

 I, of course, made the decision to find the best surgeon I could, and I had my thyroid out. I told them I’d be back in two weeks. What I didn’t foresee, and what no doctor told me, is that when you have your thyroid out, it’s pretty much like taking away in your car, it’s like taking your wheel and your brake and your engine and saying, let’s go for a ride. I was really struggling with my memory. I couldn’t walk because my thyroid levels were at a level 32, which means my legs couldn’t really sustain my body. I was severely depressed because that’s what happens when you’re at those levels. And in those moments, when depression would come, it would come in, I could actually feel it like starting to come into me, almost like it was entering me. And I told depression, I said, guess what? You’re not going to own me. I know you’re there.

 So I had to make a decision about what to do next. I felt like with the way things were going at the university that it would be risky to go back with this new brain that wasn’t working so well. I had tons of responsibilities, and things moved really quickly at work. I wasn’t sure I could do that anymore.

 Towards the end of that year, I’d been off almost a year, I got a phone call from our benefits manager, and she said, things are going to be changing with medical insurances next year. And I just wanted to let you know, because I know you’re out until March. I had 24 hours to make a decision to retire from a 33 year career. I always imagined I would retire at 54 years old, and it would be a joyous day. And I’d sit down with a big smile on my face and type up that letter and walk it into the office.

But instead I was 54 years old that year, and I was sitting at my computer crying. I didn’t know what I was going to do for money if I retired. I was kind of young to tap into my retirement. I was single, and I was sick, and I was scared.

I decided to write the letter. And instead of joyfully walking in, I barely could get out of my car, and I delivered the letter. I was now unemployed, but I was thankful to have my medical benefits for the rest of my life. I figured I would figure the rest out. I’d gained an additional 35 pounds on a body that really couldn’t sustain anymore. I remember literally sitting on the couch with my son’s Xbox attached to the TV. I couldn’t even watch TV. I looked at my phone, and I saw Facebook. And there was a person that I went to college with many, many years ago. And she said, I’m back in a size seven, and it’s not a huge diet. And if you want to know how to get more healthy, message me. And I did.

What she told me is she was a lawyer. I didn’t even know that. And she said, look, I’m super busy today. And I want to connect with you, but go to Netflix and watch an episode as Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. I sat there holding a phone for over two hours, and I realized something had to change. I could not sit on a couch for the rest of my life.

I decided to do a really, I think it was a 90 day juice, and I lost 40 pounds during that time. All that I ate was juice. But with every drop of that juice, I said to myself, I’m getting healthy. And you know what? I felt healthy. The medicine started absorbing into my body, the new thyroid medicine. And I was starting to feel alive again. My mind was clearing up, and I start talking to my guides on a daily basis.

I read the Akashic records. And so I’d open the records, and I’d say, what lessons to have to teach me today? They said, start sharing your gifts. So one by one, people started to come to me. And pretty soon, I realized I had a business. And I had a voice that needed to come into this world.

Where do you feel in your life that something is misaligned. You keep pushing and pushing, thinking you need to hold on to something that, really and truly, is no longer serving you. When I force things in my life, they usually don’t turn out well. In business, when you force things, things do not turn out very well.

There’s this element inside of us, especially as a high performing business entrepreneur, where you need to check in on where you are in life, because that is your business. Letting go of what’s no longer serving you and your business, just like the plane that’s going by right now, it’s just dropping off, dropping out of the plane if that’s what you got to do to let go, then do it. Please don’t push or shove your business because it causes misalignment.

 The fullness and the richness of your business will come to you once you search what is right for you and what mission that you need to deliver to this world. Just listen, listen in your heart. If you, right now, are in a safe place, I want you to close your eyes for a moment. I want you to feel the voice of your business because your business has a voice and a message to give you. So much of our day as business entrepreneurs is spent in our heads. When the truest of your mission was born in your heart. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Feel what your heart is saying. Should you be where you are right now? Or is there something else? In this moment, if you’re feeling a bit of fear, that’s excellent. Push into that fear. What else is your business saying?

Once you step up to the fear that you’re feeling, it might be money, what am I going to do for money? I’m unhealthy. How can I afford to live? If I let go of this business, where will I be? Don’t go there. Stay with your heart, not your head. That’s right.

So today, I’m going to leave you with this moment. I want you to start journaling about what you’re hearing in your heart. Make sure you put the date and the time on each journal entry, because you’re soon going to see that your inner wisdom, your inner GPS, is talking to you all the time. That’s where the real juice of your businesses it at. Go to a place like Target or Marshall’s and look around for a journal that speaks to you. It might be the color or the feeling or the words that’ll lead you to the next level of you.

Thank you for joining me on this episode. And I’m excited to take you on more journeys with more episodes. Sending you light and love.

Thank you for tuning into this episode. I hope that you feel more connected to your power within, and that you take action from the guidance here today. For more information, please head to Candicehozza.com, where you will find more resources to help you and your business grow to the next level.