EP4: Your Business Has a Voice

Your business has a voice and a message to give you. Candice walks listeners through the ways we can tap into our energy and take action to build momentum and bring our highest and best selves to our business. 


Are you ready to tap in to your power within so that your business can reach its truest potential? Hi, I’m Candice Hozza and I help business entrepreneurs access their inner GPS so that their business can grow and thrive. You are here to serve and to create an impact in this world. Welcome to the Intuitive Business podcast.

                Hi everybody. And welcome to the Intuitive Business podcast. Tonight I’m filming or I’m recording I’m in the evening, and I thought I’d spend some time with you and have a little cup of green tea, all nice and warm. And I thought I’d spend some time talking and finding out more about your business. So tonight’s topic is going to be about your business. Did you know that your business has a voice and a message to give you? So how did I find out about your business having a voice?

                When I first started the business, I thought that I would be a relationship coach or I would work somehow on helping people to heal wounds at a soul level regarding relationships. And that’s what seemed to come to me at first. I have to be brutally honest, one of my girlfriends would always ask for readings regarding channeling business ideas and moving forward in business. And every time she did that, we were sharing readings. I would literally let out a guttural sound of, oof, because I really didn’t like it. But as time moved on and I started to realize where businesses are really created, is they’re really created from the hearts of these beautiful entrepreneurs. And when I got in touch with that, I kind of got excited about being able to help. So somewhere in about 200 readings, I started to see something. And let me tell you how this process unfolded.

                So when somebody comes to me for business alignment sessions for either releasing blocks or channeling information about making decisions and there’s many other capacities, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s just leave it at that. And so when I say, do I have permission to open your records? I want to honor all people’s space so that I’m not invading and taking peeks behind, I call it, shower curtains. You know, you have your privacy when you’re with me. And even in the readings, we go in the direction that you want. And we don’t have to see any more than either your guides or you want, so you really do have a lot of control over your reading, thinking of it as your Google search for your soul. And I’m simply the voice of Siri. So an Akashic record reading is basically me tapping in or plugging into your Akashic energy field, which is a connection with your soul and who you really are.

                So it always knows your highest and best. So after I get permission to go into your records, then I would either help to release blocks or channel messages from either your guides or the information that you were requesting. And then I would close the records and I’d ask people to hold on for a minute, because sometimes as we’re closing the records, the guides will give me one last piece of information. And sometimes they don’t, but I always want to honor that moment. And sometimes they give us like, wow, major thumbs up. You guys really worked hard, or you really move towards your own alignment, meaning my client. And sometimes meaning me because sometimes I get dual messages when I’m reading for somebody else. So as I would close the records, something started to happen with business owners. With my eyes closed, even now, I can remember the times I saw their face kind of like in a make-over and I know this might seem silly, but everything seemed to sparkle and shine and their skin was more brilliant and their hair looked like it was coming out of a Breck commercial.

                And so my guides give me these little signs and symbols, and then I have to make some sense of them. And so in my meditation, I’ll invite some more knowledge to come into the moment, especially if I’m paying attention to patterns. And I was starting to see this repeat pattern of this, each individual person being like in a make-over state, sparkly, shiny clean. And so as I asked more questions and I always believe that the quality of your life is in the questions that you ask yourself and the decisions that you make from there and taking action. So as I looked at this, I said, what are you guys telling me? And I realized what it was is, and there were more clues than this, but for me, that was the most significant clue that led me to see that what the guides are doing is actually channeling your highest and best self.

                And I realized that because your business was made for your heart, it had its own energy field. So if you could imagine in your mind’s eye right now that you are a circle and you’re blue, and then on the opposite side, you’re a circle and you’re green. So you take these like big hula hoop circles and you connect them in the middle. And that actually is like a little piece of pie in between. I believe that as we co-join our heart and put it out into the world as a business, that it starts to create its own momentum and its own personality and identity.

                The easiest way for me to speak about this is to take my own business, for example. I went from thinking I was going to help people with relationships, to eventually helping people align their business. And I just paid attention along the way and start moving in the direction my business was leading me. So my business naturally took its own area of alignment because I started to have this huge compassion in my heart for these brilliant men and women that were birthing this business into the world. But my business didn’t start there. Each and every month I was evaluating my business. Did this work or did that? This worked, that didn’t. So I let go of that and hung on a little bit to what did work. And then it was kind of like building blocks, I’d create marketing pieces and strategies. And then pretty soon I had a beautiful portfolio of resources to repurpose.

                And then my business started to gain a little bit of momentum. And then I kept putting myself out there. You know, I did a live event that was called, Awaken Your Intuition. And as of today, I feel like even if I take a breath for my business for a day, my business’s momentum is still projecting forward. In the beginning, if I took a day off, it seemed like it took me two full weeks of continuous work just to kind of catch up.

                So going back to this energy field, the green circle and the blue circle, and both of those being co-joined in the middle to make a piece of pie, or it will just look like a little oval if you combine the two hula hoops visually. So as I was moving forward and seeing this higher and best self, the next question I asked is, how can I get these business owners to, I don’t want to say their end goal, but the next identity of their business. So let’s think of a business as a big, like check mark and you’re going along from A to B in life and the beginning of the check mark and things seem like they’re going along pretty good. And then all of a sudden something starts to change. Like for me more business people started to come to my business and practice and relationships started to fall away from my business. And so I start paying attention because something was about to change.

                But fortunately, because I was paying attention, I never got into the D level so to speak, which is the pinnacle of the pain point. That part where you think that you want to hold onto those relationships. I know I can work with people with relationships, so I’m going to hold on to that. But as I hold onto that, my hands aren’t open to the abundance of the business people coming my way. Fortunately, I didn’t go into the pain, but a lot of people that I see are into that pain point, in the identity where something has to change it’s at the bottom of the level of the business, or they’re just stuck. They don’t know where else to go. I see a lot of fear and uncertainty and confusion.

                So my next question was, “Okay, here’s where we’re at. But how can we transition that business owner with that heart centered mission that they want to get into the world? How can I help them to get into an exponential type of growth where they evolve even more quickly and get their message to the world and that their business can financially support them because so many people have this beautiful mission, but yet we still have to monetize it to be respectful, to support us because when we are empowered, then we give other people the opportunity to be empowered. So as I leaned into my guides, I said, “So what do we do?” And guess what they said, I didn’t like the answer. They said, “Help your clients lean into the fear.”

                Okay. So let’s think about this. My clients come to me and the biggest fear that they have, I tell them to lean into that? And my guide said, yes. And I can’t remember right now, the exact example. I think I was doing something in my life where something wasn’t right. Something was just a little off and I needed to tell my whole truth about something, but I was afraid of the person’s reaction. So I kept holding onto that fear and holding onto that fear. And one day I decided to just step up and say exactly what was on my mind. And when I told that person that guess what they said, “Wow, I really respect that you shared that with me.” And for me, that was the beginning of the affirmation that I needed to put this into my business and help people to learn to lean into their fear a little bit more in their business. Because the more you step away from fear, the more it just kind of sits over your head, like a rain cloud when you’re looking for the sunshine.

                So the quicker we can start those winds to move that through the more in alignment your business is going to be. And in that moment, I could see clearly all the dots connected, just like when you were a little kid and you sat down to the place mat at the friendly diner with your crayons, and you went from A to B and B to C and C to D and D to F and F to G and all of a sudden you had a kite and I could see this kite for align your business. And so what I realized that people were really searching for is not to really rebuild the mountain with all that they’ve done in their business, but rather to pierce the membrane of their fear so that you can pivot. And in that moment of pivot, so just let’s take this even slower. So picture an hourglass and the top of it’s red and there’s particles in it and it says fear, confusion, and doubt. And on the other side of that hour glass is green and there’s words that say clarity and certainty and flow.

                And so in that moment, when you pierce membrane, it’s just like reversing that our glass and that flow, that abundance starts moving and coming out through that tiny little bottleneck of stuckness. And because I believe businesses have their own identity, that’s what starts creating the flow. So it’s like a rocket fuel that just kind of pushes things further along. So that was the theory, but how do we get that? How do we transition that? So I developed this process called Align Your Business, and it’s a process to do exactly what I just explained. It’s basically about a three-part process. I’ve extended the process just a little bit, because I wanted to make some tweaks to help people to even get a higher result from their experience.

                So the first thing that we do is we spend a 30-minute complimentary alignment call. And if you want your complimentary alignment call, just go to CandaceHozza.com/book, B-O-O-K, and there’s a 30-minute align your business session. And so we go through that 30 minute alignment session, and I ask you questions about where you’re at in your business and where you want to go. Within about those 30 minutes, a usually start seeing some patterns of misalignment or where the challenges really are. The next thing that we do, if you want to continue working is, that’s when we actually start rolling up our sleeves and digging a little deeper. What we do is we go into the Akashic records, which I’ve already explained, and we look for the dandelion in the grass. Now I think dandelions are beautiful, but this is an analogy. So there’s a grass and there’s dandelions. And when I was a little girl, that was always my responsibility, was to go pick up the dandelions out of the yard, but my dad didn’t let me just pull them out.

                He had this metal stick that went down into the ground about 12 inches. And so I’d take this wooden handle and I’d stick it deep into the dandelions root. And I cut off the root at the bottom and then pull it up. So it was a rather large plant. And then I would sprinkle some stuff, it was probably something horrible, like DDT or something, but I would sprinkle whatever he gave me. And then those dandelions wouldn’t come back up again. And so basically we’re healing things at a soul level that aren’t in alignment with your truest and highest self, because remember, the identity of your business wants you to be in alignment with your highest and true self. But here’s what’s cool about the voice of your business. It doesn’t have fear. It doesn’t have confusion. It doesn’t have stuckness. It’s waiting for you to step into who you really are so that you can be in alignment with your true mission.

                The second thing that we do is we go back into your records another day for another hour and a half, and we channel some integral things that you’re going to need to move your business forward. The third thing that we do is we structure, we have an hour session, we’re not in the records, and we set up a 90-day game plan so that you are getting some momentum. In order to expedite the process, I created yet another support program, but it’s a group and it’s called guess what? Pivot to Profit. So it’s in that moment of pivot, that clear insight, that piercing of the membrane and leaning into the fear that’s causing the stuckness, because remember, your business was created in your heart, but trying to get it into the world, we use our heads a lot. And somewhere between the head and the heart comes some misfiring of information where we aren’t seeing our highest and truest self.

                So the next thing like I had said was I created Pivot to Profit. And during each month of the next three months, so your program takes about 30 to 40 days. I say, I’d like to see the energy transition from about seven to 10 days between appointments. And that transitioning is as important as the appointments, because watching what energy’s doing the minute that you say yes to this program, becomes a journey. And that’s true, not just with my program, but with anything that you say yes to. I still remember saying yes to Tony Robbins many years ago to be a Master University. And I was so scared and I’ll never forget what the gentlemen said in the room when he had all the people that said yes and signed contracts, he said, “You are about to begin this miraculous journey. And the people that are in this room will probably remain friends your whole life.”

                And, you know, I have a whole new friend set because of my time at Tony Robbins. So saying yes to you and business, and any decisions that you make does move you forward. So Pivot to Profit, what you get with is the first Thursday and the third Thursday of every month on Thursday from 12 to one during your lunch hours is, you can bring anonymous questions to me. And I answer them from the point of channeling from your highest and best self. And you might say Candy, how does that happen? What I find is it’s just like in life, there’s no coincidences. When you’re all together, a lot of times it’s for our purpose and a reason, in the same in the same seminar, in the same elevator and the same restaurant. There’s no coincidences, I believe, but we’re where we’re supposed to be when we’re supposed to be there.

                So what happens at Pivot to Profit is I might be a client and go and ask this question of Candy anonymously. And she provides the answer to the whole group. But what ends up happening is the other three people that ask questions for their business is really the question that you truly needed to hear in order to move your business forward. So I always find it ironical of how this works. The second thing that happens during this hour is we also release some blocks from the highest and best selves. And I look for the common thread of the group and the guides helped me with this and then we release those blocks. Many people after these sessions either have to take a nap, drink more water, and sometimes have any personal feeling, but they notice that things start to transition in their life much, much more exponentially.

                So that’s the Align Your Business process. And I also have on my website, if you’re interested of hearing more about how Pivot to Profit works, you could go to www.candicehozza.com/pivottoprofits, and you can see what that’s all about. And also we’ll put those in the podcast notes so that you know how to get there and see what that program looks like. A lot of people are really excited about it. I usually have a special offer going for Pivot to Profit for the 12 months. So I’m excited to connect with you and you have a lot of options and ways to get in alignment so that you can get your heart centered mission out into the world more quickly.

                Have a great evening. And thanks for having a cup of tea with me this evening. And I’m snuggling up to this warm cozy evening. Have a great night. Bye.

                Thank you for tuning into this episode. I hope that you feel more connected to your power within, and that you take action from the guidance here today. For more information, please head to Candicehozza.com, were you will find more resources to help you and your business grow to the next level.