EP52: 6th Sense of Copywriting

Let me introduce you to my friend Sage Polaris, a Conscious Launch Strategist for the Internet Rich and Famous. In this episode, Sage and I explore the 6th Sense of Copywriting. She shares her expertise with us all and comes bearing gifts! I. Love. Gifts. Especially this one! Three FREE Magical Templates to breathe new life into a dying email list (www.sagepolaris.com/align).

Sage is my “Go to Goddess” when I’m planning a launch in my Intuitive Business. She’s a perfect fit for Conscious Leaders and Visionaries. We had so much fun during this interview! What’s work when you’re having fun?! Pssst… work can be fun! We’ve been known to paint our nails or swing in a hammock during our “work” calls, while still making money and supporting our missions.

Listen to find out Sage’s MAJOR secret to her success with conversion copy and a range of other topics. Did you know that personality types influence decision making? Sage and I talk about how you can have greater success for your next launch!

During the pandemic, running a business can be tough. We talk about how to be a Conscious Leader and how to use sensitive tones and conversation during these tumultuous times.

Be sure to claim your FREE gift at www.sagepolaris.com/align