EP8: Quantum Healing Part 1

Candice unpacks healing in this quantum energy episode. What do people need to know to connect with their intuition and the energy that exists all around us? How do we explain this? In this episode, Candice walks through her process, where she has been able achieve consistent results for her clients to show listeners how healing takes place. 

Candice is trained to open the Akashic Records, which allows her to tap into her clients’ energy and once that field is open, she is able to identify barriers that limit progress in their life and business and reach the next level of success. 

Much like a roll of film, Candice is able to see the negatives and identify the moments in a person’s life that cause hurt and hinder their progress. Candice then works through the release process to free clients from the blocks that hold them back to become their highest and best selves. 

To  learn more about the Akashic records, visit candicehozza.com/AkashicRecordsReadings.