EP9: Quantum Healing Part 2

This episode is a continuation of the last week’s episode: Quantum Healing Part 1. Be sure to go back and take a listen to Part 1 if you haven’t already. 

Candice used Quantum Healing to help professional home organizer, Summer Rose, heal from an allergy to oils that were causing her health issues when she would visit her client’s homes. Candice saw the reason for Summer’s allergy and sat down with Summer to ask questions and channeled her past lives to clear out her system.  Associations from our past and past lives can shut down our systems. Smells are our highest energy function and closely linked to memory. Candice was able to revert back to Summer’s negative association from a past life and replant a healthier and lighter energy to clear the issues she was experiencing now. 

The lesson Candy learned from this experience was that if you have a way to help people, don’t wait. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from reaching out to people. 

Summer Rose founder of Star Organizers, was born and raised in Miami, Florida and has been passionately organizing for over a decade. She currently resides and works in New York City and travels to organize clients’ homes all over the country. Summer not only helps you create effective strategies for your home and office, but she also helps you create effective strategies for your life. She teaches you how to effortlessly follow these strategies so your space and your life are consistently clutter free. You can e-mail her at summer@starorganizers.com. ​